Women in Buses, Fire in Bellies

Hi! Welcome to my blog!
I am a storyteller. I love the charm in words, the magical worlds they have the ability to create. Since my primary schooldays, I have been identified with writing. So growing up, I was a cultured African child who loved to write stories and wanted to be a surgeon. Things changed in my Senior Secondary School years. I had a change in my perception of things. I found God and I also found a different genre of literature. Books, writings, articles on past and contemporary  events. Historical books. I began to know about the Berlin Conference, the Biafran War, Malcolm X, Camara Laye, John Wesley; and slowly a fire started in my belly. I began to understand the meaning of some movements, protests and the stories behind them. I started this blog because I am an African, Christian girl, a die-hard fan of Teen Wolf and Harvey Specter, and I still want to be able to connect to the world. So this is a lifestyle blog. I’ll be writing about life-issues; I will be writing about things that I’ve come across, people, events. I will be writing about things that haunt me, things I can’t forget, things I think that no one should keep quiet about. I will be writing about love and crushes, grief and loss, hope, fear and disappointment, the simple world and its  complex human beings.                                  
        So this blog is for people like me: people carrying stories in their bodies waiting to be released feelings that need to be expressed, words that need to be written. This blog is for females like me who want it all and are done with settling. This blog is for males that are letting go of their egos and are admitting that every human is entitled to a little vulnerability. There are a lot of issues that prick my heart, that set me on fire, issues like racism,preferential treatment, exploitation…that sort of injustice.
        Speaking of injustice , something happened to me a while ago that made me see how passionate I was about some of these issues. Injustice sets my blood on fire. Literally. I was in one of these large public transport buses sometime ago and it was filled up such that some people had to stand. Luckily for me, I got a seat beside a very young boy. So  the breeze is in my hair, I’m listening to Bastille’s Pompeii, pretending to be in the music video; you know, it’s a good day. Until I see her. Early 30s, light-skinned, with the faux enlightened look of those women higher up in the unenlightened pyramid. And she’s looking at the young boy sitting beside me, with the calculating look of a predator, of one about to do wrong and planning to make it look right.
        So this woman walks up to the young boy, raises her hand(and I’m hoping it’s to scratch some unattractive part of her body), taps him and says brusquely  in the native, “Oya, stand up for me”. This woman who wasn’t even nearly the oldest person standing. This woman who didn’t pay(since  standing in the bus is free of charge ) was ‘bouncing’ a small boy who had paid the bus fare. THE NERVE. As if on cue, Asa’s ‘Satan Be Gone’ played next on my phone. Well,well, what better sign from the universe. Amidst the boy’s puzzled look, the evasive look of other passengers, I replied,  in the native, “He cannot stand up because he paid for the seat and you didn’t. Don’t hide under the auspices of seniority to cheat a young boy. And it’s not like you plan to refund his money to him” Or something like that. Well,well,  Martin Luther Jr. would be proud. Of course I don’t know the word for ‘auspices’ or ‘refund’ in Yoruba but I made my point clear: injustice of any kind is still what it is: injustice.
        And ranting about it here has helped me re-affirm that belief. And so this blog is also to encourage people like me with fire in their bellies to give expression to it, through writing, drawing, making songs, whatever means suits you. I chose blogging because writing is the best way I express myself. And this, is my first blog post.
Thanks to Abiodun.O and Idris.S for pushing me to do this without knowing it.
P.S: I have an ‘About Me’ page too.



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