Medical School Saga


Ladies and gentlemen.

My Part 2 Medical Board examinations are in 12 days, and research has shown that I have covered about 40 percent of what I should know.

There are moments now, when I just sit and stare into space, thinking about my life and having conversations with myself. How did I end up in this situation again? You mean after the terror that my Part 1 exams showed me I didn’t turn over a new leaf? Disappointed but not surprised.

On the bright side, my panic monster is now awake and all of a sudden I recognize the textbooks that are concise and easy to read. The fog has lifted and it is now clear which topics are high-yield, and which are the low-yield ones I’ll be reading on the way to the exam hall.

For the exam I will be writing 2 main papers: Pathology and Pharmacology.


This is the most voluminous of them all and my least favorite. There’s a lot of talk about the histological appearance of this lesion and that infection. And why are there so many syndromes? Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome. Who named these things?

I also don’t enjoy it because the lecturers are always forcing us to see things that we all know are not there. I cannot see any Golgi bodies on this slide sir. Please which pinkish granules? Where sir? This thing is obviously yellow.

I have tried but I don’t think we can be friends.


Strangely, Microbiology is my favorite of all the courses. It’s about microorganisms that have dramatic names like Dracunculus medinensis. I find it easy to read as it is uncomplicated, for the most part.

However, there’s a terrible aspect called Medical Entomology which I have decided is not part of my own Microbiology.


It wasn’t until recently that I knew what exactly this course was about. I believe it’s about medical tests carried out in sick people. The topics are short and straightforward, and now that I think about it, that’s suspicious.


Hematology is mostly about anemias and leukemias, so I find it interesting as it’s relatively more clinical. The tests and assessments however never keep the same energy, as they always leave me assured that they were designed for Postgraduate students.


Pharmacology was alright at the beginning, but things started to get ugly when I found out that Clozapine, Clonidine and Clomiphene were 3 very different drugs. So are Amiloride, Amiodarone and Amlodipine. They’re not even in the same class of drugs. Very stressful.

We had our final classes last week, and some people were getting emotional, saying it was the sad end of an era. Really? I don’t think so dears. Please let us wrap this thing up so I can return to my sweet clinical rotations.

Now, with the exams finally here, I have surrounded myself with things to constantly remind myself that I am the Lord’s dearly beloved. My alarm is now Bethel Music’s Victory is Yours and the image of the cross is my new wallpaper. Psalm 31:1 is currently my favorite part of the Bible to chant. King David was way ahead of his time.

As expected, my village people have not ceased their work, still striving endlessly to distract me. All of a sudden, the movies I’ve been looking for, like ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Shutter Island’ have made appearances. I am still working out the logistics of how I’ll see the finale of Game of Thrones, as it airs the morning of my first paper.

I look forward to the days ahead, as they promise to be definitely interesting.

Most of all, I look forward to the end of these exams, so I can fully resume the life of maximum enjoyment I was created for.

Ciao guys!


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