We Move (Literally)

I am too ashamed to say how long I have procrastinated making the switch to my own website, but you should know it’s been a long time coming. Last weekend I decided to finally put my village people to shame and just go through with the plans, and here we are!

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with me from my wayward, inconsistent days on WordPress till now.

So what has happened since my last blog post?

Currently, I’m rotating through my last week in Community Medicine, and it has been mostly a light and super chill posting. It lacks the intensity and insanity of clinical rotations, and for that I’m grateful. It has given me time and space to do much of the things I love and enjoy.

I even made a meal of potatoes and plantain this morning so you know it’s real.

I have to admit it has also been slightly underwhelming. I had hoped I would feel sparks and fireworks when we started the posting, that the passion for Public Health would absolutely consume me.

The reality is that I’ve been struggling to stay interested, and I am constantly reading some work of fiction in most classes.

My time in medical school doesn’t seem endless anymore, so in a way I have started to seriously contemplate what I’m going to do after school. Public Health is a discipline I’ve been genuinely considering, and it was disappointing that it was averagely interesting to me.

Most people describe this Eureka moment when they just knew that a specialty was what their heart beat for, their one true calling. I worry if there’s any aspect of medicine I am going to fall in love with. All I have been saying from posting to posting is “we move!”.

I worry I’ll never have my Eureka moment.

One of my favorite TV shows of all time is One Tree Hill. It’s about life, love and dysfunctional friendships. For a number of the characters, life takes a very different turn that what they would have imagined. Every so often, I think about how things play out for them and tell myself to relax. I believe things will get clearer and align on my journey.


Is it really wise to comfort myself with the thoughts of characters from a TV show? Probably not. But we move.

In other news, I resume my Senior Pediatrics rotation next week and I am already experiencing anxiety in advance. I need to make a decent and simple hairstyle. I need to revise things I learnt in Junior Pediatrics so I don’t show up and put my family name to shame. I need to bring out my long skirts. God is in control.

In the spirit of TV Series, I recommend you watch ‘When They See Us’, if you haven’t. It was such powerful storytelling and left me undone. I advise you watch it late in the night so you can cry out your eyes in peace, without anyone looking at you funny.


I owe you a post about my O&G rotation which I haven’t written because of nothing but sheer laziness.

I have my end of posting test at the end of the week, but is that going to stop me from catching up on the episodes of This is Us I have missed? Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for staying with me.

Keep moving.


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