Why You’re Broke During This Quarantine

And now you’re taking three online classes on bag and shoe making, because you think that will save you.

Are you not the same person that has listed the restaurants in your city and is already making plans on how to storm them after the Rona is over? I pity you.

You also have the nerve to not only watch countless Instagram live videos, but you also go as far as to comment “I love you Burna!” Does the African Giant know that you have declared bankruptcy?

I didn’t think so.

This holiday handed to us has given me time to gaze upon my bank account and reflect on all the questionable life choices that brought me to this point.

Where are my millions??

One of my greatest pleasures in life is ordering fancy food with money I don’t have. I am constantly on the lookout for restaurant deals, and once I hear there is an ongoing promo, all roads lead there, financial discretion be damned.

There is a thrill that comes with knowing that the meal you just ordered will come with repercussions. Perhaps that extra seasoning of risk adds more flavor to the food?

Another favorite pastime of mine responsible for the state of my finances, is constantly checking shopping applications to see if there are any available deals on ridiculous items I don’t need. I once ordered this little room decor item because the deal was too good to pass on, despite being unable to use it in my room.

Sometimes, at the slightest inconvenience that life brings my way, I would carry my purse and go and buy a couple of books. In a better world, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with feeling a little blue and going book shopping. I blame this one on the government.

Your affliction may take a different form.

I have a friend who insists on streaming endless YouTube videos in the absence of WiFi or a Swiss account. When asked why he continued to sabotage his own finances, he provided sketchy answers but it all summed up in a pathological need to unnecessarily spend money.

For you it may be spending extravagantly on makeup products, or you’re that person who can’t get enough of Ankara fabrics. You may be the type who has the irrepressible need to buy shawarma every three days.

Over time I saw that my youthful exuberances were not sustainable and I could not continue to orchestrate my misery with my own hands. I knew where all my money was going and had to put a check to it.

I even got a book by Tony Robbins called Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. Very powerful title right? Of course, I didn’t read it, but E for Effort.

The road to financial freedom is rather crooked and I stumble every now and then. It is recommended that when letting go of bad habits, you don’t go cold turkey but replace it with a good one.

So instead of buying books when I’m sad, now I buy a cute tub of ice cream. My life really turned around when I deleted the shopping apps on my phone.

Please note that I’m still working on these issues and if at some point, you see me at my hostel gate collecting food from a delivery guy, just ignore me.

Delete that Jumia app and set yourself free today.

I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

Thanks for reading!


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