Raindrops on Roses

Hi guys!

Let me begin by saying massive congratulations to all on the exit of Ozo from the Big Brother house.

So thanks to the interwebs, I have a guide on things to write for each day, and for today, I’m to write about ten things that make me happy:

1. Bookshops.

There is a comfort I find in that atmosphere, in being surrounded by books. Though I go with the intent of buying one or two books, I spend hours wandering about, from book aisles to vibrant book covers. It’s my go-to happy place when it seems the trials and travails of life are about to swallow me.


2. Ice cream.

Synonyms: satisfaction, joyful living.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my twenty-something years on earth, it’s that ice cream will heal anything: from a broken heart to the blues. I have a cup of mint chocolate chip in my hand and I am reminded that everything good will come.


3. Christmas.

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. Colorful lights and cold carol nights. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too early to start playing Christmas songs in September, as there is no such thing. What other time of the year can you walk around with colorful hats and caps, without anyone looking at you funny? None other than the season to be jolly.

4. Trying out new restaurants with money I don’t have.

It really is an entire journey for me. Dressing up. Going through the menu for thirty minutes even though I already knew from the start what I was going to order. The restaurant’s ambience. The savory aroma of my impending bankruptcy. Always a thrilling experience.


5. Movie soundtracks/scores.

I don’t know when exactly they grew on the essence of my person but I know they are a constant source of endorphins for me. From The Lion King soundtrack to the Man of Steel score, these sounds have a potent uplifting power I cannot explain, but I’m grateful for.

6. YouTube videos of kids explaining things.

There’s just something about children gleefully speaking their minds that elevates my mood by 1000x. There’s this YouTube Channel, HiHo Kids, where children describe to an artist their pictures of different concepts such as love, God, feminism, etc. , and it is the most wholesome thing.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is my happy place on the internet. It’s like this digital box of more of my favorite things, and as an added benefit, there are no unnecessary social interactions. It’s a place I go to feel productively productive when I’m running away from my responsibilities.

8. Naruto

I first watched Naruto at a time in my life when things were much simpler: my biggest worry was how to watch new Naruto episodes on school nights without my parent catching me. Ha! Imagine that. Now, Naruto-related things, from memes to music to merch, exalt my spirits always.


9. Romance

For all my no-nonsense behaviour, I love love, as all my favorite books and movies somehow revolve around some sort of romance. Take for example, a movie I’ll be watching till the end of time: Bridget Jones’s Diary. There’s a sassy female lead, who makes questionable life decisions, with two dashing bachelors vying for her affection? It’s a resounding yes from me.

10. Bright colored kettles with worn woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings.

Get the reference?

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite things?

Kindly share as you please, and I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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