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Day 5: Five places you want to visit.

I have a confession to make. I am a list person: I have all kinds of lists, as I make lists for everything, and I even go as far as to have list of lists. That feeling of marking things off a list, with a big fat tick is priceless. Here are five of the places on one of my lists of places to visit.

1. The Colosseum

It’s the biggest amphitheater ever built, and during the days of the Roman Empire, it would be used for public displays and gladiator contests where up to 80,000 people would pack themselves in to come and watch. From the Gladiator movie to the Mark of the Lion books, it’s the setting of some of the greatest stories ever told and it’d be fantastic to experience it in person!

2. The World Cup

Watching the World Cup was a big deal in my house while growing up. I remember the 2006 World Cup, we had this massive wall poster with this huge picture of Zinedine Zidane, as well as match fixtures.

Now, I’m not a die-hard fan of football (though I still enjoy a good game), it’s more about the energy and spirit for me, the colors and outfits, the nationalism, and of course, waving Canada’s flag fromthe bleachers.

3. The Northern Lights

Also known as aurora borealis, this has been on my bucket list since the first time I ever read about them. I will not bore you with the science but it’s a sort of natural, colorful, dancing light show in the skies. Not to be dramatic but it sure looks like a transformational experience.

4. Badagry

I am always talking about going here but somehow I never get my life together to the point where I can take a trip. I had hoped to go this year, but sweet miss corona! The slave trade stories haunt me and I really can’t wait to go and write all about it.

5. Anne Frank House

Since reading the story of Anne Frank on Encarta Kids, and later her book, The Diary of Anne Frank, I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam and see the Anne Frank House for myself. Herself, her sister, her parents, and four others stayed hidden there for almost two years before being discovered by the Nazi during World War II. I’m sure you can already tell I’m going to be an emotional wreck.

Thank you for reading! What’s on your travel list?


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