The Ways

Day 6: Four ways to win your heart.

Also known as, the things that help gain my love and affection. Iโ€™ll skip the obvious things like giving me money or buying me ice cream.

1. Food.

As an utterly shameless grub, the only thing that tastes better than food I canโ€™t afford, is food not purchased with my money. Free food. What a marvelous concept!

2. Kindness.

While niceness might not be necessary, kindness is a non-negotiable. There is just something about being a deliberately considerate and empathetic person that just pulls my soul.

3. Recommend movies and books that fit my taste.

Dupe, did you hear that Yaa Gyasi has a new book?’

Nothing draws my heart closer to someone than when they send me a book or movie recommendation, and it happens to be specific to my taste. You mean you were paying attention when I was ranting on about that movie? Best mates for life!

4. Humanity.

My best relationships are with those whom I can be the most sincere with, the friendships that have transcended keeping up appearances. I am most drawn to people who I can be human with. No boxes. No labels. No pins. Just human.

Thanks for reading! You know the drill. What’s the road to your heart?


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