Rhythm of the Night

Day 7: 10 songs you’re loving right now.

There’s really nothing better than when you find one song and play it at least a thousand times, till those around you beg you to stop. Here are some of the songs I can’t stop playing right now:

1. Tina Turner: The Best

You would often find me performing this song to the couches in the living room on a hot Monday afternoon.

2. Alice Smith: I Put A Spell On You

Alice Smith’s cover of the original Nina Simone song is feverishly good.

3. Anita Baker: Sweet Love

Sweet love hear me callin’ out your nameeeee.

3. Tame Impala: Is It True

My family members are weary of hearing this song but unfortunately I have not heard it enough and I am not ready to stop.

4.Christopher Tin: Sogno di Volare (The Dream of Flight)

I first heard Christopher Tin’s Baba Yetu in my first year in uni, but somehow I lost touch with his music. By some sheer luck I have found his music again and it is amazing.

5. The Crystals: He’s Sure the Boy I Love

I watched Goodfellas again recently and found this gem of a sound.

6. Daft Punk: Overture

From the TRON Legacy Soundtrack, this is one of the best overtures I’ve heard in a while.

8. J. Cole: Work Out

Money can’t buy you love cause its overpriced,  Don’t overthink, just hope it’s right.

9. Judith Hill: In the Air Tonight

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins is one of my best songs ever and I can’t get enough of this cover from Little Fires Everywhere.

10. Hans Zimmer: Dream is Collapsing

I think I hear this sound in my dreams sometimes.

What songs are you loving right now? Kindly shhare so we can update our playlists.

Thanks for reading!


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