Girl Versus World

Day 8: Something you struggle with.

Some years ago, I heard someone say: ‘there is no space here for introverts’, and while it’s a tad dramatic, I don’t think it’s completely untrue. A lot of adulthood seems to be about putting yourself out there and making moves. A big challenge for me is navigating this adult space as an introvert.

We live in a very social world, and the professional world leans toward extroversion. To go farther up the ladder, one might need to do some terrifying things like networking and public speaking. As a largely introverted person, I’ve learnt how to adapt to situations and be a bit ambiverted, since it tragically appears that my life is in my hands.

But I still struggle.

Take public speaking for example. Is there really anything more dreadful than making me the center of attention and then have me use my words? With people…watching? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

As an introvert, there are really no words that rattle me more than:

‘Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves.’


‘Everybody will be there’.

What do you mean…everybody?

Despite the social anxiety, I still enjoy spending time with people but after too much socializing I often experience extreme fatigue (sometimes to the point of being physically unwell LOL) and need a little quiet time and solitude to recharge.

I constantly curiously admire people who have great social prowess because how do you do it? You mean you just walk up to strangers and introduce yourself?

That being said, I am immensely grateful to authors of books and articles, that help with tips and advice for navigating the ghetto space of grown-ups. All hope is not lost.

I’ve read that as introvert, you should learn to accept and acknowledge your wiring. I’ve come to understand that introversion is a form of neurodiversity that has its strengths one can embrace. Give yourself permission to be discerning about who you give your energy to, as social time shouldn’t feel tinged with discomfort.

You can create your own mental sanctuary, where you can always take a step back, go inward, and energize yourself in that comfortable, familiar mental space that brings you peace. Recognize what particularly overstimulates you.

Understand your variety of introversion and honor it.  

There’s space here for you. 

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