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    Raindrops on Roses

    Hi guys! Let me begin by saying massive congratulations to all on the exit of Ozo from the Big Brother house. So thanks to the interwebs, I have a guide on things to write for each day, and for today, I’m to write about ten things that make me happy: 1. Bookshops. There is a comfort I find in that atmosphere, in being surrounded by books. Though I go with the intent of buying one or two books, I spend hours wandering about, from book aisles to vibrant book covers. It’s my go-to happy place when it seems the trials and travails of life are about to swallow me.

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    What Now? (Not the Song by Rihanna)

    I am both scared and excited to see how the coming days will go. I hope I go through with this, as if I don't I will have no choice but to run away in shame and start a new life in Indonesia. Please do not look for me. Allow me to live a quiet life with whatever shred of dignity I have left.