Hashtag Blessed

Day 13: Five things you’re grateful for.

Hi guys! 

Sorry I skipped writing a post yesterday. I went to the outdoors and in the midst of all the enjoyment I ate some uncertified food and came down with a case of food poisoning.

Digital representation of me after retching my intestines out for the fourth time yesterday. Don’t buy snacks in strange places kids!

Some months ago, I wrote here about how the Rona had breezed in and upset all my plans for 2020. Come to think of it, I made an actual physical vision board for this year so you know I was serious! Today, I randomly thought again of how I had been at home since March and I did a little scream.


That said, though it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of the moment, and focus on all the things that aren’t going right, it’s important to sit back and count the things I’m grateful for. I’m thankful for the big things and the small things and everything in between. 

  1. Friends

They aren’t exactly normal people but who needs normal friends? I miss going to their rooms under the auspices of reading when all we really do is play and laugh at the most ridiculous things.  Now, though all we can do is call each other and whine for hours, I’m grateful to have people who I can wallow in despair with. 

  1. Family 

I’m grateful to be surrounded by my closest kin in the world. In normal times, we’re usually spread all over, and now that we are together I’m trying make the time count. Of course, it is not all sweetness as we usually want to tear one another’s skin at any given second, but you know what they say, a little screaming at each other helps to keep the mind sharp. 

  1. My blog family.

You guys! Unbelievably the best.

Thank you so much for reading and interacting with and sharing my posts. This is Day 13 and the love and support has been surreal. 

  1. Books

The very best escape. I’m grateful for books that grip me, that make forget about looking up. I’m thankful for stories shared in those pages, thankful that I can be taken to wondrous places from the comfort of my bed.

I’m currently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Other Concerns by Mindy Kaling and I am loving it.

  1. Laughter 

When I really think about it, I see that not one day has passed that I haven’t had an hysterical bout of laughter, caused by some ridiculous thing I watch, or some ridiculous meme, or something someone said. I thank God I have have sources that somehow serenade my life with joy, in these dark, dark times.

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to count your blessings.

See you tomorrow!


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