The One About Movies

Day 14: Movies you never get tired of watching. 

I’m so excited about this one, can you tell?

You know those people who say ‘Oh my God, that’s my favorite movie!’ to about fifty movies? I am regrettably one of those people. Keeping this list short was not very easy.

We have all kinds of favorite films: there’s the category of movies that are brilliant but are too long or enthralling to watch every day. Then there’s another category of movies that are enjoyable, and can be watched over and over, yet never get old.

Here are some of my favorite movies I never get tired of watching. I saw most of them long before the age of Netflix and they give me that nostalgic good feeling all the time.

  • The Proposal

This is a romcom gem, where the romance is not too overbearing, and I will watch this movie forever.

  • Harry Potter

It’s epic entertainment: from the world you’re immersed into, to seeing the characters grow before your eyes, to the life lessons. At the start of the pandemic, I watched all the movie again and it was the most blissful thing. Ultimate feel-good movies.

  • Home Alone

I still don’t get how you can leave an 8-year old behind without noticing, but will I watch this every Christmas, along with Hallmark movies with similar storylines and bad acting? You bet.

  • Casablanca

Films don’t get better than this, it has this certain quality that never gets old, and the re-watch value is 100%.

  • This Means War

It’s light hearted and silly, and frankly I’ll watch anything Tom Hardy is in. I can watch this about a thousand times and never get tired of it.

  • The Dark Knight (directed by my GOAT, Christopher Nolan)

Fun fact: When you stay around me long enough, I will find a way to feed you the Christopher Nolan agenda.

It has one of the best opening and closing scenes ever, the plot is neatly and tightly woven, and it features the most memorable villain. There’s this movie channel on DSTV that shows The Dark Knight like every three days and I don’t really blame them because I will do the exact same thing in that situation.

  • The Sound of Music

I fell in love with this movie as a child, and since then I have watched it at least 80 times. The music, Julie Andrews in her prime, it’s all so beautiful. While writing this post, I searched my laptop and this movie is nowhere to be found. My whole life is obviously a lie, and I don’t know who I am.

Honourable mentions: Goodfellas(Best movie opening ever!), The Princess Bride, Interstellar and about 20 other movies I’ll be watching till the end of time. See what I mean?

Thanks for reading! What movies do you never tire of watching?


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