Sweet Fifteen

Day 15: Bullet point your whole day.

We’re halfway into the challenge and I am equally pleased and surprised that I have been writing here for fifteen days.

Here’s how my day went (because I am not a gangster, I rounded up most of the time to the nearest hour):

6 am: I woke to the sound of my alarm, the voice of Train singing Drops of Jupiter. I stared at my screen angrily for a few seconds, before I quickly turned off the alarm so no one else would wake up, and I could sneak in a few more minutes of sleep.

6:41 am: This time, my conscience roused me from my sleep, as I knew if I didn’t get up and mobilize the rest of the house, we would go to church late.

7-9 am: The usual Sunday chaos before leaving home for church: someone can’t find a shoe, someone is honking and threatening to speed off at any second, someone is having a midlife crisis, there is hair burning somewhere.

9-11 am: Got to church, sang vigorous songs of praise and said fervent prayers, my enemies don’t stand a chance.

11:30 am: Had a mini photoshoot with my sisters, initiated and directed by my mother.

12 pm: Was on a romantic phone call, while some of my family members were pounding yam. First born rights perhaps?

1 pm: Had resultant meal of pounded yam and egusi soup. It was a blessed meal, I am forever thankful to my ancestors for such marvelous innovation.

2-4 pm: I watched this delicious History Channel docuseries, on the World Wars, called The World Wars Extended Edition.

4-6 pm: I diligently picked a huge mound of beans, unfazed, seeing as I have become quite an expert at it. From what I hear, so have other twenty-something year-olds like me all over the country, who are living with their parents. You are not alone my fellow comrades.

When school finally resumes, I plan to organize a Beans Picking Battle, where the person who picks a measured amount of beans the fastest emerges the winner. I am still undecided on what the prize will be.

6 pm: I planned to start typing this post, but I slightly procrastinated and performed a couple of M.I songs to an unappreciative audience of two.

6:20 pm: I began to type this post.

6:56 pm: It started to rain and the lights went out, as expected.

6:59 pm: The people at Airtel too got the memo and the network went vanishing.

7:53 pm: I am done typing this post. I check my phone and it appears that the network is back. As I start to rejoice, I hear the slight pattering of rain begin again and I plead with the patron saints of network to have mercy.

7:56 pm: I click ‘Publish‘.


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