Medical School Saga

On Missing

Day 17: Something you miss.

I’d like to talk about how I miss simpler days, my childhood and allathat, but I’ll always have that to rant about. Instead, I’ll talk about what I miss due to the present apocalyptic situation we find ourselves in. 

I miss going out at night, as going out during the day is for the birds. I am all about that night life.


One time my girlfriends and I went to see Hustlers late at night and when we were done and ready to leave, we couldn’t because… the mall was locked. It was raining heavily and we had to search around in the rain for someone to release us from captivity. It was as ghetto as it sounds. 

I miss shawarma. A lot.

I miss spending my last cash on this flavor of Chivita Active.

I miss looking at the butterflies in my room. 

I miss the end of one clinical rotation and the start of a new one, as it shows that I edge closer to graduating med school. 

I miss that brief moment during school when I learn something or see a treatment work, and I feel grateful and connected to medicine, and it all seems worthwhile. 

I miss watching food recipe videos in the classes that make no sense.

I miss sleeping in on days when it’s all too much.

I miss wasting time (and my life, perhaps?) with my friends. I miss Game Nights that turn into full blown war between aggrieved parties. Fun times.

I’ll stop here before I begin to sound like a thirty year old working full-time, reminiscing her wild twenties during her lunch break. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder, will I miss these free Corona times when eventually normal life resumes and schoolwork threatens to break me? We’ll see.

Thanks for reading. What do you miss right now?


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