After the Reggae

…play the blues…

Let me first mention that the title of this post is in no way related to the content of the blog post, but it looks good as a heading, don’t you think?

It’s been a hot minute guys.

In the last post I talked about putting a pause on the writing challenge because of all the revolutionary things that were happening, or seemed to be happening, in my country. I did not, however, foresee the unprecedented trauma that we would collectively experience as a generation. It is the type I know will stay with me. Though I am still reeling from the events of last month, life must go on.

So, the writing challenge is back on!

I don’t know how things stand now as regards school opening: if resumption is in sight or if we’re entering another fresh phase of staying at home. What I do know, is that I am all out of hoots to give. I frankly do not give a damn. Is this perhaps, the final stage of grief? Acceptance? Or is it connected to the dark events of last month, a sort of cold realization that there is hardly much I can do about things?

So, as the good speakers say, I am choosing to focus on what is in my control. I’ve had a streak of good days for a while now. Books are once again giving me joy, they have regained their ability to lure me in and hold me hostage, and like a case of Stockholm’s, I am enjoying my stay. I am finding my writing voice, and easing better into my style. I am finding new music.

I’m also taking myself a bit more seriously. This article might have had something to do with it; if you’re a lazy cat like me, you should check it out.  I’m deciding to not do things so half-heartedly, so lazily, which means I have started to do strange things like practicing mindfulness. I’ll write about that soon.

Another strange thing I’ve done is abandon my TV dramas for sitcoms. Like I am actively seeking out shows to make me… laugh. If someone had suggested that to me in say, January, I would have rolled my inner eyes. I’m considering resuming baking, as a hobby-a form of release, a form of therapy: scones, cookies, muffins. We’ll see.

December is almost here which means Christmas, and I am so excited! To the dismay of my family members, I now begin each day by rolling out sweet Christmas chunes, on a playlist titled I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Literally). Don’t forget to add the evergreen, ever-precious worldwide platinum hit, Odun N Lo S’Opin, to your playlist.



How are you holding up? What have you been up to? Did you finish those online classes? Did you end up selling that kidney to make some extra cash? Can you link me up with your dealer? Okay I’ll stop now.

See you tomorrow!



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