Always On My Mind

“How many c’s are in ‘necessary’? But when will this coronavirus era end? I haven’t had shawarma in a while. It’s also been long since I heard Pretty Girls Rock by Keri Hilson. I should download it. What am I doing with my life? What’s my matric number? 183.. What did I come to get in this room again…?

There are usually about 3,058 thoughts going on in my mind per minute. How did I come up with that number? I don’t think it matters.

Until recently, I used to think that things like ‘practicing mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’ were for our most beloved, most serious professional friends, also known as LinkedIn people. As much as I am tempted to start to write an exposé about LinkedIn people, I will stay on track.

In this post I wrote about taking myself a bit more seriously, and one of the ways I’m doing that is by practicing mindfulness. One thing you should know is that the whole mindfulness business is not as serious as it sounds; it is in fact quite fun.

Mindfulness is being fully aware of the present, of where you are, of what you’re doing, of what you’re feeling. Think of all things the opposite of absentmindedness.

Now, mindfulness is not going to let you have a singular thought at a time (sorry), but it will help you stay grounded and present in the moment. It helps you pay more attention to your daily life, and you really start to notice the most mundane things.

I scoured the Internet so you don’t have to, and here are a few things can that can help you stay mindful:

1. Journaling

Journals are everything. They’re such a private way to reflect on and keep track of your emotions and thoughts. I also love journals because I can go back through old ones and see how I have changed over the years.

  1. Unitasking

This has and is still working like magic for me. Doing one task at time helps me do it faster and better. Cheers to the people who are serial multitaskers, you are probably aliens who have infiltrated our midst and one day the truth will come out.

  1. Digital detox

There was this time in high school, I went for an essay competition and I remember the title we were to write on was: ‘Social Media; A Blessing or a Curse’, or something like that. Then, I probably thought the topic was a tad dramatic but now I see how they can think it’s a curse.

Where do I start from? The information overload? The Nigerian politicians who have found Twitter and now cannot be stopped? The casual misogyny?

I keep social media at a safe distance and take several breaks, even before it all starts to get too much. Be brave and take that social media break today.

  1. Eat with awareness

I need this on a T shirt. Being mindful of the little things like the food in your mouth, feel the flavors helps you feel physically in the moment.

  1. Meditate

I haven’t gotten around to this yet. My excuse is that I’m currently at home where I can’t go 20 minutes without being summoned to peel some cups of beans or feed some squeaking chickens.

You should also know that all the rich people in the movies do this. That alone is enough.

  1. Joke Around

There are things that I should take seriously: like my education, or my finances, but I compromise on these from time to time. One must however, never compromise on having fun, in filling our days with bright, yellow laughter.

We must always, take having fun very seriously. Always.

Special thanks to A. for helping me with this blog post, as spiritual forces that go by the name of Airtel, tried their best to stop me from posting it.


  • Olanrewaju

    Thank you A. That’s how I would have never read this article. Would have been such a travesty.

    Waiting on the LinkedIn people exposé though.

    Good job!

    • Temidayo Abass

      I was just listening to pretty girl rock on repeat the other day. It’s still as great as ever. Maybe even more so now.
      Unitasking is definitely the way. I put no more than 3 tasks per day and I do the one I can do one by one. It changes things.
      Thank you for reminding me to be mindful of the little things.

    • Demola Ogundele

      Maybe, perhaps, I…I really dont know if I can be allowed to ‘unitask.’ And even then, I might fail at it. If there is any entity lazier than my cat – Smart, it is I, its owner. Thank you for bringing around me that term I have chosen to run away from: mindfulness. Hmmm. Poor me.

  • Jesufifunmi

    This peeling beans matter? how far na? Probably 10 mins can be a good start or lower.
    Thanks again for this.
    That part of savouring the flavours of food looks like the most difficult for me but I’ll try to do this and see how it goes.

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