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Hi dearly distinguished. I couldn’t post yesterday because the internet pretty much evaporated into the heavens for the whole day. Many indeed are the afflictions of the righteous.

It’s Day 29 of 30! The Yoruba in me thinks this calls for a party, no?

Sequel to the last post, today I shall share the top scintillating TV shows and movies I watched last month. They entertained me and helped me escape this space and time we exist in, even if briefly. Here we go!

  1. Ragnarök

The show is a very modern retelling of the Norse apocalyptic legend known as Ragnarök, where the giants killed the gods and submerged the earth in the rising sea. The very first scene, they played a song I love very much: Midnight City by M83, so of course I knew it was going to be a good watch. It’s just 6 episodes, so it’s easy to binge.

Watch if you like: myths and legends, teen dramas.

  1. The Queens Gambit

As we say where I come from, ó dùn gan, a.k.a. it’s very sweet.

The story is about an orphaned chess prodigy on her rise to becoming the world’s greatest chess player, while struggling with emotional problems. This show gives the perfect escapism, I could not stop until I watched it till the end.

  1. Unorthodox

It’s a stunning, stunning show. A 19-year-old Jewish woman flees from an arranged marriage in Brooklyn, to start a  new life in Germany (I know, of all places). It spurred me to read about present day ultraorthodox Jewish communities and life of Jews who live in Germany. It’s just 4 episodes, so it’s easy to binge as well.

  1. Tenet

Is it possible to stan someone even harder? If you’re not new here, you probably know that I constantly push the Christopher Nolan agenda at any given opportunity.

I’m not even going to lie that I fully understand everything that’s going on in this movie. I have now seen it four times and after each time I question my understanding of things.

Go watch and be blessed.

Those are my top picks for last month. We’ll see what this month brings.

What have you been watching? Any recommendations?

See you tomorrow!


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