Thirty Over Thirty

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We did it guys! 30 days of writing. Do I feel a bit smug? Absolutely.

On a hot afternoon in October, I said here that I would start a 30-day writing challenge. A couple of days in and I was already lamenting. Just what kind of problem had I gotten myself into? Who sent me?

But through various trials and afflictions, I persisted and here I am finally at the finish line!

Since that afternoon in October I have written about all kinds of things: this sensational one about why you’re still single, this one about pet peeves, this one about places on my travel bucket list, among others you can find here.

So, what have I to say?

Not to state the obvious, but after tasting a little consistency, I can tell you procrastination is for the birds. Doing something you set out to do actually feels… good, and I would 100% recommend.

I can also say that there is inspiration everywhere: if I ever tell you guys that I couldn’t write because of lack of inspiration, I am probably lying (except of course I’m going through some form of life crisis.) Knowing that I had to post the next day forced me to exhume the bodies of posts that that had been lying dead in my drafts for months. This has been good for my writing and creativity, for my consistency and my bravery.

Also, my mental wellbeing! (The cool, rad way of saying mental health) Especially on the days when I was writing back to back: I noticed that my anxiety levels were drastically reduced. Someone said ‘writing is a way of talking to yourself’, and by God, I am grateful I get to do that, and that I have the best people to share it with. We joke about it a lot, but this year has been incredibly tough on us, and I know writing has helped me keep it all together.

But most of all, I am thankful for you guys who read my stuff and comment and share it to your friends and the rest of the world. Thank you to my long time readers who have stayed with me through my many disappearances. I have gotten the sweetest, warmest comments that get my heart fluttering with butterflies, and I am so grateful. You make me see that doing this is possible.

I love you guys so much, and I can’t wait to share more days and more posts with you.

Merci mes amours.


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