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    Thirty Over Thirty

    Now playing: Celebration by Kool and the Gang🎵 We did it guys! 30 days of writing. Do I feel a bit smug? Absolutely. On a hot afternoon in October, I said here that I would start a 30-day writing challenge. A couple of days in and I was already lamenting. Just what kind of problem had I gotten myself into? Who sent me? But through various trials and afflictions, I persisted and here I am finally at the finish line! Since that afternoon in October I have written about all kinds of things: this sensational one about why you’re still single, this one about pet peeves, this one about places…

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    Neflix and Thrill

    Hi dearly distinguished. I couldn’t post yesterday because the internet pretty much evaporated into the heavens for the whole day. Many indeed are the afflictions of the righteous. It’s Day 29 of 30! The Yoruba in me thinks this calls for a party, no? Sequel to the last post, today I shall share the top scintillating TV shows and movies I watched last month. They entertained me and helped me escape this space and time we exist in, even if briefly. Here we go! Ragnarök The show is a very modern retelling of the Norse apocalyptic legend known as Ragnarök, where the giants killed the gods and submerged the earth…

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    Do Partridges Even Like Pear?

    Happy new month y’all! Bring out your ancient Christmas trees, tangled Christmas lights and those red and white hats. December is here and I am very excited: my Christmas playlist keeps getting longer, and I am now watching Hallmark Christmas movies every other day – expect some content on that soon. I am also living vicariously through pictures of people in Canada, wearing red sweaters whilst standing in the snow. Such a wonderful time! Fun fact: I looked it up and apparently, the 12 days of Christmas don’t start on December 1. They actually begin on December 25 and run through January 6. I know, it’s ridiculous.

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    Of Mercury and Maradona

    I. “I’d sit alone and watch your light my only friend through teenage nights…” Last night, sleep eluded me, so I stayed up looking for some good entertainment to watch. Past 1 am, I finally settled on watching Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen biopic. In the dull moments of the movie, I would start to doze off but suddenly, Queen would start to sing electrifyingly: Don’t! Stop! Me! Now! and I would be jarred awake. As is the usual response after watching such a vivid and wonderful portrayal, I went on the internet to read about the legend, the very brilliant, very human lead singer of the band, Freddie Mercury. A complicated…

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    Always On My Mind

    “How many c’s are in ‘necessary’? But when will this coronavirus era end? I haven’t had shawarma in a while. It’s also been long since I heard Pretty Girls Rock by Keri Hilson. I should download it. What am I doing with my life? What’s my matric number? 183.. What did I come to get in this room again…?” There are usually about 3,058 thoughts going on in my mind per minute. How did I come up with that number? I don’t think it matters. Until recently, I used to think that things like ‘practicing mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’ were for our most beloved, most serious professional friends, also known as…

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    Ninety-Nine Questions (Not Really)

    Day 22: 15 facts about myself Helloo Nigeria my peoples. Today I shall be answering a list of select questions about myself, and they are interspersed by a few cute pics I took a while ago. You know what our ancestor Nelson Mandela said: When life presents you with it, one must never turn down an opportunity to be vain. So here goes! 1. If I had one superpower what would it be? Teleportation/Telekinesis is where the life is at. If you had asked me when I was ten years old, I would have said flying, but now I’ve seen that life is not really like that. Flying for what?…

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    After the Reggae

    …play the blues… Let me first mention that the title of this post is in no way related to the content of the blog post, but it looks good as a heading, don’t you think? It’s been a hot minute guys. In the last post I talked about putting a pause on the writing challenge because of all the revolutionary things that were happening, or seemed to be happening, in my country. I did not, however, foresee the unprecedented trauma that we would collectively experience as a generation. It is the type I know will stay with me. Though I am still reeling from the events of last month, life must go…

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    Venus in Lucozade

    Day 18: Your zodiac/horoscope and if it fits While I’m not deep into horoscopes and interpreting planet positions, I enjoy reading about zodiac signs and associated personality traits. Astrology appeals to the human obsession with understanding ourselves. What’s better than reading (mostly) good things about yourself? And the memes? Make Lucozade jokes all you want, you have to admit some of these astrology descriptions can be oddly specific and accurate. My birthday is February 10, so friends, they say that makes me an Aquarius woman. Aquarians are born between January 21st and February 19th, they belong to the air element, and ruled by the planet Uranus (associated with disruption, the…

  • Medical School Saga

    On Missing

    Day 17: Something you miss. I’d like to talk about how I miss simpler days, my childhood and allathat, but I’ll always have that to rant about. Instead, I’ll talk about what I miss due to the present apocalyptic situation we find ourselves in.  I miss going out at night, as going out during the day is for the birds. I am all about that night life.   One time my girlfriends and I went to see Hustlers late at night and when we were done and ready to leave, we couldn’t because… the mall was locked. It was raining heavily and we had to search around in the rain for…

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    Sweet Fifteen

    Day 15: Bullet point your whole day. We’re halfway into the challenge and I am equally pleased and surprised that I have been writing here for fifteen days. Here’s how my day went (because I am not a gangster, I rounded up most of the time to the nearest hour): 6 am: I woke to the sound of my alarm, the voice of Train singing Drops of Jupiter. I stared at my screen angrily for a few seconds, before I quickly turned off the alarm so no one else would wake up, and I could sneak in a few more minutes of sleep.