This is Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Hairstylist

Last Sunday, I had a taste of the Yoruba wickedness Africa Magic has been trying to teach us about all this time.

Now, a couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to make faux locs. This was a hairstyle I could have done in my room with the aid of a video, but because I wanted the best outcome, I carried my head to the salon. I had called my hairstylist in advance and he told me he could make it.

When he was done, it looked really good and I believed I had made the right choice. To think I had been doing fine girl all over the city. Had I known. read more...

Razzmatazz: Of Air Conditioners and Mother Tongues

I will take you to three places.

First, to an office reception, some years ago, where I sat with my aunt, shivering. I did not have a fever. I was shivering because the air conditioner was set to a temperature of 16 degrees. Please note that the average outdoor temperature is 27 degrees.

When asked if the temperature could be adjusted, the receptionist gave us a cold ‘no’, that it was just fine. I was in utter confusion because she was visibly uncomfortable as well, as I could see her trying to keep warm, rubbing her palms together. read more...