• Books

    A Clown and Her Chapters – My January Reads.

    Hellooo my peoples. This month has been quite the ghetto, to say the least: among other things, online school has fully resumed and you can guess how that is going. Not…very good. As promised last time, today’s post is about the absolute love of my life: books! Fun fact: At the start of this year, I set the goal of reading 150 books this year, and I am already failing terribly. Who sent me to pick that number? Absolutely no one. I read 5 books in January and I am still on my third book of this month. A clown indeed is what I am.

  • Life

    It’s Okay If You Haven’t Taken Down Your Christmas Decors

    Am I judging you? Only just a tiny bit. I only just recently deleted my Christmas playlist, so please take your time. Happy new year people! I’m the kind of person who would still say ‘happy new year’ in September if that’s the first time I’m seeing you that year, because why not? As much as I don’t want to, I’m usually quite optimistic and full of hope at the start of the new year: new year resolutions, vision boards, and such; I’m into all of that. An opportunity to start afresh? Count me in.