How To Look Like You’re Not Losing It When You Are In Fact, Losing It

As I type this post I see how it follows the pattern of my life right now: a freestyle, a scalar entity with no particular direction in sight, running exclusively on vibes and the grace of the Lord.

I am ashamed to mention that since the last time I wrote, I let you guys down and gave in to the pressure. I signed up for some online classes. I am only human, a creature subject to influence. On the bright side, I haven’t actually started taking any of them, so in part I am staying true to my nature. read more...

Why You’re Broke During This Quarantine

And now you’re taking three online classes on bag and shoe making, because you think that will save you.

Are you not the same person that has listed the restaurants in your city and is already making plans on how to storm them after the Rona is over? I pity you.

You also have the nerve to not only watch countless Instagram live videos, but you also go as far as to comment “I love you Burna!” Does the African Giant know that you have declared bankruptcy?

I didn’t think so.

This holiday handed to us has given me time to gaze upon my bank account and reflect on all the questionable life choices that brought me to this point. read more...

Stayin’ Alive (Not The Bee Gees Song)

I apologize for the dramatic title but these are the times we live in.

2020 was supposed to be all about getting my life together.

If life was following the calendar we had all agreed on, I should be in my rural Community Medicine posting, taking a few classes, doing some research work, but mostly enjoying my life. Living, loving, laughing.

I thy known.

After spending about four weeks at home, I am assured that school was designed to put some distance between us and the adults.

To put it mildly, living with my parents has been war. We’re now at the point where I am no longer pretending to find their WhatsApp videos funny. Since only God (and the Chinese) knows how long we are going to be indoors, let us all show one another our true colors. read more...

The Beginner’s Guide to Sex and Contraception

I think we should start by addressing the real problem here, which is a group of afflicted individuals who inhale the earth’s oxygen with us. They look like us. They walk among us.

The people who type the word ‘sex’ as ‘s*x’.

If you are one of them and you are reading this, what exactly is the problem? Please share with the group so we can pray fervently for you.

There was an incident recently in my school, involving some students rumored to have gotten pregnant. Of course people found it sensational and had the time of their lives bantering about it, but the news made me unhappy largely because I knew there were different means the situation could have been avoided. read more...

Still a New Year (or Please Don’t Rush Me)

As I type this post, I am listening to Korede Bello’s Godwin at maximum volume because I’m supposed to go for a 12-hour call and I need all the motivation to get my body moving out of this bed.

Happy new year guys.

I’m not going to ask about your new year resolutions yet.

I hope so far the year has been decent to you. I hope you’re still holding on to the light, that you’re winning against whatever darkness threatens to envelope you.

At the start of the year, I decided I would get ahead of the spirits of procrastination (I wrote about that affliction here), and try to stay on top of things. I would start crushing my goals for the year early, because you know, aspire to acquire your desire. read more...

2019 the Movie (plus a few cute pics)

Me looking at food throughout 2019.

They say the decade is coming to an end.

They say we’re to start planning for the new year, and the next decade, writing down and drafting up goals and aspirations. As much as I’d like to do that, the honest truth is that I am fatigued.

I just finished my Senior Pediatrics rotation, and it was eight intense weeks of stress and anxiety. It tired me out and now I am taking some time to rest. For the most part of the holidays I have been eating to stupor and sleeping at any chance I get.

At some point in pediatrics. Look closer and you will see the tears.

On 2019

Oh but I’ve been thinking about this year.

Thank You For The Music


Oh all alone,

when I think about the good times

that we shared together baby…

Some days ago, I left the heat and darkness of my room to go hang out with friends. Amidst all the banter, someone played Never Far Away by Lagbaja, and it felt like I had stepped into a time machine. Nostalgia came knocking. She took me back to younger days and simpler years.

She took me to the house I grew up in, and to times spent playing with my neighbour’s daughter, Chiamaka. We spent an awful amount of time in each other’s houses. When my parents weren’t in, we would play Lagbaja’s CD on a large TV with a small screen, watching with fascination, wondering who the man behind the mask was, following the lyrics on the screen while our bodies moved ever so slightly to the music. read more...

We Move (Literally)

I am too ashamed to say how long I have procrastinated making the switch to my own website, but you should know it’s been a long time coming. Last weekend I decided to finally put my village people to shame and just go through with the plans, and here we are!

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with me from my wayward, inconsistent days on WordPress till now.

So what has happened since my last blog post?

Currently, I’m rotating through my last week in Community Medicine, and it has been mostly a light and super chill posting. It lacks the intensity and insanity of clinical rotations, and for that I’m grateful. It has given me time and space to do much of the things I love and enjoy. read more...


Or Summertime Sadness. But summer isn’t really a season here so we’ll just stick with September Blues.

For a good part of this month, I didn’t feel quite like myself. I felt very unmotivated and disconnected from myself. At first I thought it was the usual, me being dramatic and in my feelings over absolutely nothing. But this was a wave that refused to pass.

It was ironic as I had started the month so ambitious and motivated. August had been a good month and I was going to take things to the next level in September. I had even written out a to-do list for the month so you know I meant serious business. read more...

This is Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Hairstylist

Last Sunday, I had a taste of the Yoruba wickedness Africa Magic has been trying to teach us about all this time.

Now, a couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to make faux locs. This was a hairstyle I could have done in my room with the aid of a video, but because I wanted the best outcome, I carried my head to the salon. I had called my hairstylist in advance and he told me he could make it.

When he was done, it looked really good and I believed I had made the right choice. To think I had been doing fine girl all over the city. Had I known. read more...