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    20 10 20

    There is a man at the end of Burna Boy’s ’20 10 20′ track, at the 3:18 mark, who in the midst of the gunshots, the running, the chaos, shouts ‘End SARS!’. I think about that man a lot. Last month, something happened. I remember it felt like we had all been simultaneously plugged into a system of consciousness. Unplanned, protests were springing up all over the country. All of a sudden, there were people organizing action in Kaduna, in Ogbomosho, in Port Harcourt. Despite the odds, people were donating money, food, offering free medical service and legal services. Nigerians from varying economic classes, Nigerians at home and abroad came…

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    Once Is Chance

    It is allegedly my country’s Independence Day tomorrow and in commemoration of that, I will be sharing a list of people who escaped the shores of this country and went on to do great things in the world. 1. Sade Adu Helen Folasade Adu was born in Ibadan, and escaped the shores of this country when moved to Essex. Recognized as one of the most successful British female artists in history. I believe the inspiration for Smooth Operator would not have come so easily over the noise of her neighbor’s generator.

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    I’m Upset (Not the Song by Drake)

    Good morning. Someone has done something silly and I’m not very happy about it. I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday, and I came upon this tweet: I really want to flog the person who wrote that tweet. Really bad. When I first saw it, I read it over again and again hoping it had some other meaning I couldn’t grasp. “Pretty female honourable.” What does that even mean? ‘She’s pretty and that’s what really matters, not her name?’ It’s saddening that the person saw nothing wrong with describing her as pretty alone, diminishing all her other attributes. There are only 11 female Honourables, so I’m pretty sure it’s a short…

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    It has been 12 days since a cabman sped away with my 50 Naira change, leaving me dumbfounded by the roadside, wondering what I had done in my life to deserve such injustice. He was wearing a blue washed-out polo shirt and I will never forget his face. I pride myself as a sharp girl so you must know that this runaway cabman must have been a professional. While in the cab, I gave him my fare when I was about a minute away from my destination, because my parents taught me never to pay at the beginning of a trip. When I asked him for my change, he told…