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    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Hi guys. Sorry for my unexplained absence for the past couple of days. Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to check if I was doing okay. I am so grateful. I’m taking a break from the writing challenge to contribute to the current conversation going on right row. In these past few days, I have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions, from feelings of overwhelming pride to intense sadness to burning passion. I know it’s easy to stand back and look away from all that’s going on because nothing ever works in this country. But it appears that unplanned and unintended, the match has been lit, and…

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    Venus in Lucozade

    Day 18: Your zodiac/horoscope and if it fits While I’m not deep into horoscopes and interpreting planet positions, I enjoy reading about zodiac signs and associated personality traits. Astrology appeals to the human obsession with understanding ourselves. What’s better than reading (mostly) good things about yourself? And the memes? Make Lucozade jokes all you want, you have to admit some of these astrology descriptions can be oddly specific and accurate. My birthday is February 10, so friends, they say that makes me an Aquarius woman. Aquarians are born between January 21st and February 19th, they belong to the air element, and ruled by the planet Uranus (associated with disruption, the…

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    On Missing

    Day 17: Something you miss. I’d like to talk about how I miss simpler days, my childhood and allathat, but I’ll always have that to rant about. Instead, I’ll talk about what I miss due to the present apocalyptic situation we find ourselves in.  I miss going out at night, as going out during the day is for the birds. I am all about that night life.   One time my girlfriends and I went to see Hustlers late at night and when we were done and ready to leave, we couldn’t because… the mall was locked. It was raining heavily and we had to search around in the rain for…

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    Sweet Fifteen

    Day 15: Bullet point your whole day. We’re halfway into the challenge and I am equally pleased and surprised that I have been writing here for fifteen days. Here’s how my day went (because I am not a gangster, I rounded up most of the time to the nearest hour): 6 am: I woke to the sound of my alarm, the voice of Train singing Drops of Jupiter. I stared at my screen angrily for a few seconds, before I quickly turned off the alarm so no one else would wake up, and I could sneak in a few more minutes of sleep.

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    The One About Movies

    Day 14: Movies you never get tired of watching.  I’m so excited about this one, can you tell? You know those people who say ‘Oh my God, that’s my favorite movie!’ to about fifty movies? I am regrettably one of those people. Keeping this list short was not very easy. We have all kinds of favorite films: there’s the category of movies that are brilliant but are too long or enthralling to watch every day. Then there’s another category of movies that are enjoyable, and can be watched over and over, yet never get old.

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    Hashtag Blessed

    Day 13: Five things you’re grateful for. Hi guys!  Sorry I skipped writing a post yesterday. I went to the outdoors and in the midst of all the enjoyment I ate some uncertified food and came down with a case of food poisoning. Digital representation of me after retching my intestines out for the fourth time yesterday. Don’t buy snacks in strange places kids! Some months ago, I wrote here about how the Rona had breezed in and upset all my plans for 2020. Come to think of it, I made an actual physical vision board for this year so you know I was serious! Today, I randomly thought again of how…

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    Once Is Chance

    It is allegedly my country’s Independence Day tomorrow and in commemoration of that, I will be sharing a list of people who escaped the shores of this country and went on to do great things in the world. 1. Sade Adu Helen Folasade Adu was born in Ibadan, and escaped the shores of this country when moved to Essex. Recognized as one of the most successful British female artists in history. I believe the inspiration for Smooth Operator would not have come so easily over the noise of her neighbor’s generator.

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    Thirty Days Hath September

    “That you are here -that life exists and identityThat the powerful play goes on,And you may contribute a verse”-O Me, O Life by Walt Whitman. During these surreal pandemic times, there are bound to be those chaotic and uncertain blue mornings, some riddled with anxiety, others colored by existential angst. On such bleary mornings, I clutch these words to my chest. I am a flag-waving reader and advocate of poetry, as it has brought me out of dark places and it keeps bringing me out. Physical spaces in my life are riddled with poetry quotes, from a bedside note to my computer screen.

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    This Is Probably Why You’re Still Single

    Though we are already behind schedule (because there is so much to say), let me start by mentioning that being single can be one of the best things ever. For the longest time, I did not understand what all the fuss about being cooped up with another human being was, as it seemed like a lot of stress, which I am highly averted to, in all forms and types. Having dabbled in a couple of things, I’ll admit that having your own person can be kind of cool. If you’re single by choice I completely understand it. This is for the other half of the population, who aren’t single by…

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    Girl Versus World

    Day 8: Something you struggle with. Some years ago, I heard someone say: ‘there is no space here for introverts’, and while it’s a tad dramatic, I don’t think it’s completely untrue. A lot of adulthood seems to be about putting yourself out there and making moves. A big challenge for me is navigating this adult space as an introvert. We live in a very social world, and the professional world leans toward extroversion. To go farther up the ladder, one might need to do some terrifying things like networking and public speaking. As a largely introverted person, I’ve learnt how to adapt to situations and be a bit ambiverted,…