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    This Is Probably Why You’re Still Single

    Though we are already behind schedule (because there is so much to say), let me start by mentioning that being single can be one of the best things ever. For the longest time, I did not understand what all the fuss about being cooped up with another human being was, as it seemed like a lot of stress, which I am highly averted to, in all forms and types. Having dabbled in a couple of things, I’ll admit that having your own person can be kind of cool. If you’re single by choice I completely understand it. This is for the other half of the population, who aren’t single by…

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    Girl Versus World

    Day 8: Something you struggle with. Some years ago, I heard someone say: ‘there is no space here for introverts’, and while it’s a tad dramatic, I don’t think it’s completely untrue. A lot of adulthood seems to be about putting yourself out there and making moves. A big challenge for me is navigating this adult space as an introvert. We live in a very social world, and the professional world leans toward extroversion. To go farther up the ladder, one might need to do some terrifying things like networking and public speaking. As a largely introverted person, I’ve learnt how to adapt to situations and be a bit ambiverted,…

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    Rhythm of the Night

    Day 7: 10 songs you’re loving right now. There’s really nothing better than when you find one song and play it at least a thousand times, till those around you beg you to stop. Here are some of the songs I can’t stop playing right now: 1. Tina Turner: The Best You would often find me performing this song to the couches in the living room on a hot Monday afternoon. 2. Alice Smith: I Put A Spell On You Alice Smith’s cover of the original Nina Simone song is feverishly good.

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    The Ways

    Day 6: Four ways to win your heart. Also known as, the things that help gain my love and affection. I’ll skip the obvious things like giving me money or buying me ice cream. 1. Food. As an utterly shameless grub, the only thing that tastes better than food I can’t afford, is food not purchased with my money. Free food. What a marvelous concept! 2. Kindness. While niceness might not be necessary, kindness is a non-negotiable. There is just something about being a deliberately considerate and empathetic person that just pulls my soul.

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    Ajala Travel All Over The World

    Day 5: Five places you want to visit. I have a confession to make. I am a list person: I have all kinds of lists, as I make lists for everything, and I even go as far as to have list of lists. That feeling of marking things off a list, with a big fat tick is priceless. Here are five of the places on one of my lists of places to visit. 1. The Colosseum It’s the biggest amphitheater ever built, and during the days of the Roman Empire, it would be used for public displays and gladiator contests where up to 80,000 people would pack themselves in to come…

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    First-Class Citizen

    Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you. The first time I read The Joys of Motherhood, I must have been about eight or nine years old. I was staying at my grandmother’s and I had found her old, torn copy of the book. I remember as I rushed through the pages, I was amused at the irony in the title as the motherhood in the book was not very joyous. Years later I would come to learn about the author, Buchi Emecheta, this woman who defied such odds, who refused to let life’s difficulties dim her lights.

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    Of Pets and Peeves

    Today’s post is about something on the other side of favorites: pet peeves. You know, those seemingly little things that drive us nuts. It was a tough call choosing them but these are some of my top ones. Writing this was quite an experience as the thought of them alone makes me shudder. 1. People who come to the movies to chatter non-stop. I understand the irrepressible need to pass a few comments every now and then during the course of the movie, but there are people who insist on talking through the entire the length of the movie. This might come as a shock to you but we didn’t…

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    Aspire to Perspire, or Something Like That

    Helloo again. Today I’m to write about some words of wisdom I’ve come across that speak to me. Though naturally, you might find me laughing my head off to motivational speaker-centered jokes, the truth is somewhere in the midst of all the aspire to acquire and respire, you find some words that never leave you. These are three of them that have stayed with me, and that I go back to remind myself ever so often. 1. Advocate for yourself. We usually say ‘life is too short’ when we’re referring to enjoying life’s pleasures, but I think life is too short to not ask for what you want. Not the…

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    Raindrops on Roses

    Hi guys! Let me begin by saying massive congratulations to all on the exit of Ozo from the Big Brother house. So thanks to the interwebs, I have a guide on things to write for each day, and for today, I’m to write about ten things that make me happy: 1. Bookshops. There is a comfort I find in that atmosphere, in being surrounded by books. Though I go with the intent of buying one or two books, I spend hours wandering about, from book aisles to vibrant book covers. It’s my go-to happy place when it seems the trials and travails of life are about to swallow me.

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    What Now? (Not the Song by Rihanna)

    I am both scared and excited to see how the coming days will go. I hope I go through with this, as if I don't I will have no choice but to run away in shame and start a new life in Indonesia. Please do not look for me. Allow me to live a quiet life with whatever shred of dignity I have left.